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The Nelson Arms, Bullbridge

How we started

We formed our Civic Society in February 2009 because several residents were anxious to be involved with any proposed redevelopment of the Stevenson's Dye Works site in Bullbridge. Many residents of Bullbridge and Sawmills were especially concerned that the disused Cromford Canal, running through the Stevenson's site, would be restored.

No sooner was the idea of a civic society born than other local issues appeared, too, especially a big planning application from Lockwood Haulage in Sawmills.

The spring and summer of 2009 were hectic months for anyone wanting to be involved and we all quickly realised that having a Civic Society was giving local people an effective voice for the first time.

Communicating with each other, and reaching out to residents who would not normally think of getting involved, can be difficult. And this is the purpose of our website. We want everyone in our area to feel involved, to feel that they can make a difference and to help us all to make life in Bullbridge and Sawmills even better.

So, please, explore our site, tell us your views, and tell your neighbours about BASA.

Freda Raphael

Stevensons site from Bullbridge Hill

A new voice for the community

from Gill Hirst, BASA Secretary, October 7

I'm thrilled, with this web site, to have another line of communication in which to involve people in our society. This means that we can make items available that people might like to see, but which would be too onerous or costly to distribute in any other way.

We have always tried to be open about all that we do and now items such as letters sent on behalf of BASA, reports and committee meeting minutes will be on the website for all to see.


All information about our campaigns can be found by following the links in the left hand menu. Much of this is work still in progress and some are being developed further and have become another "campaign". In this category and of immediate interest is:

Research into places of historical interest in the area

Freda has been involved in a Historic Appraisal (Further details here). This impressive display was shown at the last BASA meeting on Wednesday 30th September when it was added to and enriched by attendees.

It was clear at this meeting that there was much more to do and that people were extremely interested in the project.

A Living History

Elderly and disabled residents who found it too difficult to attend the meeting have expressed an interest in taking part too. To this end we intend visiting anyone who would like to talk to us about their memories of the area and to embark on A LIVING HISTORY that will enrich the project and preserve their oral testimony for the future. Do I feel a booklet coming on !?

Historical Appraisal Social Evening

There will be a social evening in the new year when progress on the  Historical Appraisal will be on display.

Lockwood Haulage

Representatives of BASA have met with Rob Lockwood of Lockwood Haulage this week to discuss the progress of the works and feedback current views of residents. (For notes from this meeting see the Lockwoods link in the Campaigns menu - coming shortly)

Local police

Following a visit today from our PCSO Sarah Spencer. I will be forwarding the dates of the next BASA meetings and hopefully she, or her colleague, Nick Bray will attend. We are also hoping for...

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Well done to all involved. This is a great site and thank you for your help in publishing our events. Best of luck to you all.

Mike Kelley
Vice Chair, Friends of the Cromford Canal

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